50 years of commemoration
and collaboration

The Martin Luther King Memorial Breakfast Committee is a nonprofit organization that presents a premier annual event dedicated to Dr. King’s life and legacy. The MLK Breakfast Committee also recognizes extraordinary contributions to diversity and inclusion efforts through service and scholarships.

Martin Luther King Jr.
Memorial Breakfast Committee

The purpose of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast Committee is to promote harmony among the people of Greater Boston by furthering the legacy of Dr King. We honor the great civil rights leader’s memory at an annual breakfast on Martin Luther King Jr. Day with the goal of continuing the work of nonviolence and promoting equality for all.

James Dilday
St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church

Rev. Dr. Jay Williams
Union United Methodist Church, Committee Co-Chair

Ruby Blake
Union United Methodist Church

David Jackson
Union United Methodist Church

Cheryl Mottley
St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church

Rudelle Fenty
St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church

Robin Williams
St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church

Justin Petty
St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church

Janeal Hoyte
St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church

Rev. Kyle Walden
Union United Methodist Church

St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church
1073 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02120
Tel: (617) 427-6175

Union United Methodist Church
485 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02118
Tel: (617) 536-0872

About St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church

At the beginning of the 20th century, an influx of blacks from the West Indian Islands came to Boston and Cambridge. Their religious affiliation was Anglican. Concurrent with this movement, many black Episcopalians came from the southern states. When these two groups sought membership in the Episcopal Church, the reception was cold and sometimes hostile. It was out of this context of discrimination and humiliation that these Black Episcopalians decided to band together and build their own house of worship. St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church was organized in May 1910.

St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church became more than a house of worship; social outreach and activism became a goal of its programs. From its inception, St. Cyprian’s has viewed its mission as making a positive impact in the lives of the people it serves. St. Cyprian’s is truly a community church for it has never confined its ministry within the walls of its building.

The proceeds from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast enable St. Cyprian’s to continue its noble tradition of service to the community and the empowerment of people:

We have established two annual scholarship awards at Roxbury Community College
We have given grants to Project Bread, Rosie’s Place, and the Pine Street Inn.
We extend our facilities to community groups and agencies

About the Union United Methodist Church

The Union United Methodist Church, which has roots that extend back to 1796, is proud of its rich and glorious history. It is the fourth oldest Methodist congregation in New England and one of the oldest black Christian churches in North America.

Union United Methodist Church has a longstanding commitment to ministry and mission. The ministry ranges from involvement in the Underground Railroad during the era of slavery, to sponsorship of low-income housing developments and voter education and registration.

In 1949, the church moved to its present site at the “heart of the hub” and today it continues to hold the hub to heart.